Articles about Identity

Women Role Models as the Pursuit of Identity

Accomplished Women Have Fears Too. What Can They Do About It? Based on the book, On Becoming Fearless by Arianna Huffington

Building a Brand So Sweet - See's Chocolates

Breathing Space: Twelve Lessons for the Modern Woman, written by Katrina Repka This wonderful self-exploration has the unique approach of defining identity through yoga practice.

Can You Immobilize Yourself with too Many Questions? Explorations inspired by the movie, Searching for Debra Winger

Changing our Dreams into What We Do: Georgia O'Keeffe vs. Sylvia Plath

Clara Estby, a Spokane, Washington real estate owner from the Victorian Era as depicted by Jane Kirkpatrick in the wonderful historial novel entitled "The Daughter's Walk"

Determination to do One's Best: Gertrude Bell, The Mother of Iraq

Girlfriends Hit the Road, Eight Women, Two Model Ts and the American West

Interview: with Australian Author, Nancy Wylde. "Laughter is healing," says author of the book, Ticket to Freedom: A Self Empowerment Guide for Women

Marketing Yourself with Integrity: Lessons from Madame Helena Rubinstein, a Cosmetic Industry Giant

Strong Women: Strong Fathers - Lara Croft, Jessie Freemont, and Condolezza Rice

To Be or Not to Be (A Mother), that is the Question, looking at the historical figure, Laura Bassi, an Italian Professor

Trouble with Role Models, a quick look at Beatrix Potter

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