Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Have you always dreamt of writing a novel?

If so, now is your chance. November is "National Novel Writing Month". There is a special online novel writing support program starting November 1st.

Visit to register.

The goal is to write as fast as you can for an entire month. Participants who finish the contest will find that they wrote at least 175 pages of their novel. The website has support features and you will know that you are part of a group trying to do the same time.

If you've been putting off writing that novel, maybe now is your chance. You will have the energy and support of thousands of others who are doing what you are doing.

About the author: Allison Frederick is a writer and online marketing educator for other creative women. offers free Web 2.0 resources. She is also the author of an upcoming novel, A Portrait of Josephine, an academic-lite thriller. Find out how to receive a free copy of the novel by visiting

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