Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gather's First Chapters Contest Gives Opportunities for New Authors

The fun social networking website, offers a contest called "First Chapters." In this contest, writers share their first chapter with the Gather community and then they vote whether they liked the chapter or not. If the writer receives a high enough score, then the writer's story moves onto the next chapter where readers will vote again. What a fun, dynamic way to draw attention to a novel. In this same spirit, we are running our own contest.

Publishers and agents are attracted to manuscripts that have potential. They feel even better about books that already have the support of readers. For this reason, I am asking for your help. Your vote could help a novel be published. The process is simple and free.

Looking for more?

A Portrait of Josephine is a soon-to-be published novel by Allison Frederick. It is a classic mentor/apprentice story about female empowerment between a young, graduate student from the 21 century named Abby Archer, and her mentor, Galena Conner, a British milk farmer’s wife from the late 1880s. These women are based on the inspirational qualities of two famous female artists, painter, Georgia O'Keeffe and sculptor, Eva Hesse. Follow their path as the main characters explore the essence of their feminine being and as they reject the boxed in roles their respective societies have of them.

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